Friday, August 2, 2013

NOTD Fridays! | Electric Pink

Hello beauties! I'm going to be starting a new weekly "theme" that I'm calling "NOTD Fridays" (if you haven't noticed yet). I usually paint my nails every Wednesday, but because of a sloppy job, I need to give them a few days to relax and get all that extra nail polish off my skin. Plus, Fridays are always fun!

This week I surprised myself by choosing this nail polish, Electric Pink by Revlon, because when I purchased it last summer, I wore it once and hated it. I was riffling through my collection for a summer colour and spotted this one (although I'm sure you can spot this one from a mile away). I decided "What the heck" and went for it. I have to say, I'm very pleasantly surprised and have been loving my nails all week.

Now, I'm not one for fake nails (or fake anything else for that matter), so I think the fact that I trimmed my nails short really helped me like this nail polish that much more.

I'm gonna be honest here, as much as I love Revlon, I've never been a fan of their nail polishes. I've always found them to chip away 2 days after, but that was back when I was doing my old nail routine. Recently I've started up a new one and it's been SO much better for sustainability. The main thing I do is not applying any cream to my hands, I wash them with soap and water, wipe and then apply the nail polish. Adding cream to your hands (as soothing as it is), puts a layer of oil on your nails so the nail polish has trouble sticking. Ever have your nail polish peel off in one chunk? That's why. Also, when I apply my base and top coat, I put on A LOT (but not in layers, just at once). And lastly, once I apply the nail polish, I run my nails under the coldest setting on the tap. The cold water really helps harden up the polish so you don't get weird imprints.

With that said, my nail polish lasted all week with minimal chipping. The formula is nice and smooth and I only needed 2 layers for an opaque finish. The dry time was much quicker and better than I would have expected. I applied the nail polish at night time (something I don't usually do), so I was expecting to get imprints in the morning from sleep, but I was surprised to find it completely smooth and shiny.

Ada xx