Sunday, August 4, 2013

HAUL | JustFab

Hello hello! It's been a very long while since I've done a haul post (for me at least), so here I am, back with another. I've been on a strict budget because of my new (and unnecessary) MacBook Pro splurge, so I've been having a real hard time telling myself "no" to spending money on things I don't need (but really, really want).

A few weeks ago I was on and browsing through their selections, when I spotted the first clutch. Literally, I gasped. I mean, I know everyone on Tumblr is always "screaming" and "crying" when they're just sitting at their computer with a neutral face, but my reaction was 100%.

I've been crazily obsessed with black and white vertical stripes, mostly on bags, pants and tights. So with that being said, it was something that I knew I just had to have. Unfortunately I was at work when I saw the bag ($39.95), and I was not going to enter my credit card information there, so I closed the window and eventually forgot about it.

Recently, I opened up an email from JustFab and noticed that they were having a summer clearance. Of course I was interested in cute items for sale, it's my second nature (especially when on a budget)! So when I was looking through their bags, I was pleasantly surprised to see my striped bag (appropriately named Yacht Club) to be... wait for it.... $10!!!! I'm telling you, it was destiny. When I ordered I was so excited I forgot to check the material of this bag, but I was hoping it would be a soft material. When I got it, it turned out to be a faux leather, but I'm honestly glad now because if it were a material, the white would get filthy in seconds. The purse is a perfect envelope-style and is very slim, so it won't fit a ton of stuff, just the needs. It's larger, so it fits nicely in the hand.

I was going to checkout and run, but I kept browsing and then spotted the second bag (Dare You). Do you guys watch the show Girls? There's this character named Jessa. She's British and beautiful and has traveled all her life. She's gathered all these different cultures within herself and become this very dimensional and interesting character. I feel like the second bag reminds me of that. It looks very cultural, different and unique, which is exactly why I love it. Plus, it only cost me $15! It came with a long, gold chain that can be removed in that it to be a true clutch. I've been wearing it all week as a regular purse, and find it to be very large and roomy (except my wallet is so big it's taking up 90%).

I just checked their website right now and they still do have these bags, only in different colours, so if you want them, run!

Ada xx


  1. Oh that stripy bag is so snazzy, I love it, and that will go with absolutely anything!!