Sunday, December 29, 2013

UPDATE | Instagram

Hello beauties! So sorry about my slight disappearance (once again), it's been a pretty hectic month for me but we're finally settled in and getting used to the area. I have a whole bunch of drafts lined up (most of them being hauls, of course), so hopefully I can get  them up ASAP!

Anyways, I just wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know that I finally have a good phone (Samsung Galaxy S2X), so I can now tweet on the go and I finally got Instagram! I'm gonna post a link below so you guys can check it out! And please post your links so that I can follow you back.

Also, please let me know if you'd be interested to see what I got for Christmas, I'd be happy to oblige.

Lastly, how was your Christmas!? How much food did you eat, what was your favourite gift you gave and received, and what are your plans for New Years Eve? I'm gonna meet up at my brother's apartment with his girlfriend and some friends and then we're gonna head down to Nathan Phillips Square. Super excited!

Ada xx