Thursday, February 27, 2014

HAUL | Swanson, Zoya, Madison Street Beauty

Hello beauties! I know it's been a little while since my last post but that's only because I've been putting in orders online and you know how shipping takes... forever. But most of the items have finally arrived!!

The blue bottles are by a brand called Essencia and they are Floral Water sprays. My mom specially orders them from a private company for doctors so unfortunately I have no idea how you'd be able to get them. :c I got Pure Rose and Witch Hazel ($8/each, I believe). I've used Pure Rose before and I really liked it so I went for it again, but I also got Witch Hazel because I heard it's perfect for taming wild skin.

The first site I ordered off of is It's a site my mom and I have been frequenting for years (mostly for her vitamins and such) but I've been known to purchase a face mask or shampoo here and there. I've been looking for a good shampoo/conditioner brand and I found Desert Essence: the price was good, the ingredients were good and so were the smells! I haven't given them a shot yet but they look amazing. I got the smell Apple & Ginger in both Shampoo and Conditioner ($5.06/bottle). I then picked out the Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Wash in the smell Vanilla Mint ($10.59). I still have my The Body Shop Grapefruit body wash I'm using up but I figured I'd stock up for now so I don't have to order later. Plus, the smell looks amazingly unique.

Next I picked out a few cosmetic items. The Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Petunia ($6.99). I've only ever used the clear, minty Burt's Bees lip balm so I was definitely excited to try out this product. A product that is both coloured and a lip balm? Must be made for me! Next I chose the Beauty Without Cruelty Soft Natural Lip Gloss in Coral Mist ($11.39). Firstly, I must not have read the listing properly because I ended up getting a pack of 3 lip glosses rather than one (mom and cousin each got one). I'm not a huge fan of lipglosses, I like how coloured ones look but they're sticky and messy and your worst nightmare on a windy day, but I figured any makeup collection needs at least one lip gloss. Lastly I got a nail polish. I've been going bare-nails for the past few weeks and it's been killing me! I got the HoneyBee Gardens WaterColors Nail Enamel in the colour Camelot ($7.79). This polish is actually water based, which is super cool, never heard of that - can't wait to give it a shot. And this isn't even the end of the Swanson journey! I still have another package or two coming in the mail.

The little white bottle in the fourth picture is a natural Waterproof Macara by Ere Perez. Natural mascara is not hard to come by in the natural world, but waterproof mascara is an entirely different story. I have the most stubborn lashes ever and they refuse to stay curled unless I wear a waterproof mascara, and sometimes even then it's a hit or miss! I scoured the depths of the internet searching for the right mascara with the right ingredients. Finally, I found this one but the one problem? It's from Australia! I looked everywhere for an online retailer and finally succumbed and dished out the extra on shipping. $30 for the mascara + $15 shipping, yeah I was ready to cry. I'll be posting a full review on it soon.

As many of you may know, I love nail polish. I make it a priority to repaint them every week. There's something fun about having different coloured nails, and something relaxing about the application. As I looked for natural nail polish brands, I was disappointed to find many of them come to the $10+ mark which just makes me cringe. $16 for a nail polish? No thank you. Zoya is a well-known brand amongst beauty lovers and I was pleased to hear it's natural and 5-Free (no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phtalate and camphor) and comes at only $9 per bottle. Unfortunately does not currently ship to Canada but I did find a seperate retailer that ships free! For my "starter" polishes I opted for a nude/dark. I found these two and thought they were perfect! Taylor and Raven.

Next I decided to indulge in my obsession, MadisonStreetBeauty. These guys seriously have the best eyeshadows I've ever used, even better than MAC (and that's saying something). Since all my eyeshadows (save for my other MSB) had to go, that means all my nudes went too, I decided to get some new ones and who better but MSB? I went and bought a whopping 14 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and 1 bronzer in the following colours:
  • Highlighter: Sheer Glow
  • Bronzer: Ibiza
  • Blush: Nectar
  • Cloud
  • Bronze Shimmer
  • Shell
  • Starry Night
  • Posie
  • Copper
  • Rose Gold
  • Eclair
  • Soft Heather
  • Walnut
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Water Hyacinthe
  • Rum Raisin
  • Gold Leaf
I also got my cousin in on this criminal obsession and she went for a smaller load: Magic Carpet, Burgundy Glow, Ganache Champagne, Caramel Latter and mineral foundation in Cameo. Everything was 60% off so we had some serious savings right there. If you're looking for a new company to try, I 100% recommend these guys, not only do they have amazing products but they're actually super nice and have the best customer service. And right now is the best time to try them because they still have 60% off!

And lastly, my little helper came to see what I was up to and why I wasn't paying attention to him.

Ada xx

Friday, January 31, 2014

LIFESTYLE | Some Big Changes!

Hey lovely ladies. I really wanted to make a new blog post and make you all aware of some lifestyle changes I'm going to be coming into ASAP. I've always tried to keep a rather healthy lifestyle (eating my fruits and veggies when I can, buying Organic when I can financially, taking my vitamins and minerals when I remember, etc), especially since my mom is a Homeopath, but there has been one thing that has been holding me back, one thing I didn't actually realize until a few days ago: cosmetics. If you take your mascara, blush, foundation, whatever and flip it over to read the ingredients, you'll most likely get a headache and/or had to flip through a few pages whilst not being able to comprehend anything it says (Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, anyone?). Some websites don't even offer the ingredients because they know many people just don't care.

But I've made the conscious decision to get rid of all my makeup and start from scratch using only 100% natural cosmetics. It's obviously a pricey decision but it's something I'm 100% committed to. From face to hair to skin, I vow to only use the best possible ingredients.

A few weeks ago I read a fact that really helped open my eyes: women who regularly use lipstick or lipgloss are in greater risk of stomach cancer in the long run. Is that scary or what? I've never considered myself a risk taker, but my health is one thing I'm definitely not going to risk.

So stick around, I'll still be posting updates and hauls (how can I not?), but this time they'll be from cosmetic companies that many most likely haven't heard of. If you're also a health junkie, I'd love to hear your favourite websites!

Ada xx

Thursday, January 9, 2014

NOTW Thursdays | Fool's Gold

It's been a while since I've done an NOTW and since I love my current nail polish so much I decided to get off my lazy butt and take some pictures. This nail was found simply by chance when I was at Target one day, literally speed walking through just looking for one thing. I zoomed through the makeup section and found nothing that caught my eye but then I passed this huge table just filled with discounted nail polishes from OPI to Essie to Sally Hansen, you name it. I didn't have a lot of time to look through the massive pile so I kinda shuffled the top layers a bit until I found ones that caught my eye. This guy was discount to around $3-$4.

The name is A Phil's Paradise and it's made by Nicole by OPI for the Modern Family collection. Gonna admit I've never watched a single episode of the show but I heard they're pretty funny and the nail polish collection is a hit so far. Also, notice my application has immensely improved? Ehhh ehhh. Skills.

Ada xx

Sunday, January 5, 2014

HAUL | The Body Shop

As you all know, I'm super obsessed with The Body Shop and still grieving the day I had to leave them. NOOOO D: It was a great experience and I loved working with all the products and people. I can only hope the one near my house calls me if they have a spot available.

Anyways, just before Christmas and just when I was hired, I decided to do a little shopping. They have a new Colour Crush collection out and I really wanted to give them a shot. How can I say no to lipstick? I can't. I had never seen the collection in person so I had to choose out the colours based on what they looked like online. I decided on Berry Me (matte) and Coral Blush (matte). Originally the lipsticks go for $12.50 each but I got them for $6.50 each. I was attracted to the colours and Coral Blush is a perfect light summertime lipstick and Berry Me was perfect for the fall/winter. Plus they are 2 colours I don't have in my growing collection.

Next I picked out an eyeshadow because why not? This colour is called Mon Cherry and it runs for $10 but I got it for $5. Because my eyes are greenish/brown, purple is the ideal colour for them as it compliments both shades. I opted for this shade because it's very gentle and girly and I'm a sucker for a bit of sparkle/sheen in an eyeshadow. I've just now read on the Body Shop website that you can wear these eyeshadows wet for a more intense colour and I've never tried that before, but I'm so on it!

Also, please ignore the eyeliner in the first picture, I forgot I had already posted about it.

Ada xx

Saturday, January 4, 2014

HAUL | Christmas Shopping! JustFab, Sephora

(Click to go to JustFab listing)
(Click to go to Sephora listing)

Normally Christmas time is usually a stressful and panic-induced time for me but luckily this year wasn't too bad. I was able to get these 2 gifts well in advance so I was pretty relieved with that.

The first is this gorgeous clutch/crossbody bag. This little gem went to my cousin (the same one that got the bh brush set). I've never got her a bag before and I know how handy then are! She has a lot of small crossbody bags and she goes out a lot, so I kinda wanted to find a nice medium for her and I think this bag is perfect. Black with gold hardware is universal and pretty much goes with any outfit. It's a larger fold-over clutch and the cut-out handle creates an ease to carry it, but I also made sure the bag had the long straps in case she did want to sling it over her shoulder for easier carrying. I'm happy to say she totally loved it!

The next item is an adorable, portable and super-handy little makeup set from Sephora by Sephora. It went to my brother's girlfriend. She's from South Korea and has a lot of Korean makeup but not a lot of North American makeup so I wanted to get her a little something that she could use. This set is Holiday and Limited Edition, so I thought it was perfect! It comes with 8 eyeshadows that are absolutely gorgeous and I thought would suit her eyes and complexion perfectly (Purple on brown eyes? Yeeessss please). It took me a while of fiddling, but I finally figured out that the bottom slides out and comes with 5 lipcolours and 1 blush. I just love this set and she loved it too! Because it's small, it easily fits in her handbag and the 2 brushes that come in it are super useful because she does a lot of her makeup on the go.

Out of all the gifts I bought this year, these 2 were the ones that fit most with my blog and that I wanted to share with you all!

What beauty/fashion-related items did you buy for your loved ones?

Ada xx

Friday, January 3, 2014

HAUL | bh Cosmetics

This purchase was originally going to be 1 item, but then everything was on sale and so cheap and just... there that I caved and got a few.... extra.... things. I've never purchased from bh Cosmetics before and can honestly say that their customer service sucks horribly, but I really needed the brush set so bit my tongue and went through with the order anyways. I probably won't order from them again unless it's to get a few more of the lipsticks.

The first thing that went in my cart is the item that I needed to buy: the brush set. It was a Christmas gift for my cousin. A while ago I was doing her makeup and she literally had 2 eyeshadow brushes and 2 face brushes; I was horrified to say the least. What I really liked about this set is that all the brushes were fluffy (not tools) and the handles are bamboo. For obvious reasons I won't be posting the price. Also, I'm pleased to say she was happy with the set!

The next item was definitely an indulgence and something I've been wanting for ages... literally, like 2+ years. Remember when the Youtube community was going craycray over the huge 88 eyeshadow palettes? I do because I wanted one ever since I laid my eyes on one! I did originally want the Coastal Scents but figured since I'm already buying from bh and spending too much on shipping, I might as well. I went for the 88 Neutral Palette because if I were to buy the original palette I'd never use the crazy, brighter colours and it'd be a huge waste. I paid a whopping $10.45 (originally $24.95) for the palette - definitely a steal. I will most certainly be posting a review about it.

While browsing through their site, I came upon the lips page and anyone who knows me knows I'm a bit wacko when it comes to lipsticks. I spotted the Creme Luxe Lipsticks and obviously needed to get one ASAP. I googled some swatches and found a video where a girl bought all of them and swatched them all (so sorry, completely forgot her username!!) which was extremely helpful. The girl showed a gorgeous cinnamon colour and I was hesitant at first but couldn't get it out of my mind so I went for it. I must not have chosen the right shade (Red Truffle), though, cause this lipstick doesn't have an ounce of cinnamon in it. Either way, I absolutely love it! If you'd like I'd be happy to do a review on it. I paid $3.95 (originally $7.95).

Lastly, I really wanted to get some gel eyeliners because they're my favourite type of liner and I really wanted some new colours to play with. I went for 3 different colours: Night, Forest and Gunmetal (I'm sure you can figure out which is which). Also, Night is actually a navy blue. I will not be posting a review on these eyeliners, but I will say that they're not worth bothering with. They are nice and creamy, but they're pretty sheer and a little more of a loose-gel (if that makes sense). I paid $3.33 for each (originally $7.95).

Have you ever ordered from bh Cosmetics and what did you think?

Stay tuned for the review!

Ada xx

Thursday, January 2, 2014

HOME | The Body Shop

Happy New Year! I thought I'd start off the new year with a post - Holiday-related of course. I'm obviously very obsessed with candles but I find they're gone so quickly (maybe I should stop burning them 24/7), so I opted for an oil burner for a change. Just when I got hired at The Body Shop they had a sale online so I caved and got the Holiday oil burner with the 3 Holiday scents.

The oil burner is originally $16 and I paid $12 for it. I love how it looks, the shape, the little stars and the colours! I believe it's made of ceramic, so you don't have to worry about it exploding or cracking on you.

The 3 Holiday scents are Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss and Ginger Sparkle. They're $5 each and I got them for $3.75. I absolutely love the scents! I'm currently loving Cranberry, it's so fresh and seasonal. The vanilla is beautiful and warm and the ginger is sharp and smells like Coca-Cola.

I've used this burner quite a bit and I can tell you that it really makes your room smell a lot (in a good way, of course). You need to fill the little groove at the top with water (about 2 cm from the top) and then put around 5 drops of oil then light a tealight inside the burner. If you're sensitive to smells I do not suggest this burner, or I would say use 1-2 drops. I love strong scents so I put a lot.

The thing I don't like about oil burners is that you need to supervise them. Using one is like cooking, in a way. The fire burns and evaporates the water and sometimes the burner will start smoking a little and maybe bubble very lightly. Once most the water evaporates the oil will start burning and smelling. It's not a huge problem but you just have to make sure to keep an eye on it.

The Body Shop also has other non-Holiday oils and burners, so if you're finished with Christmas but still want a burner, don't worry, they've got you covered. They also have candles and diffusers if that's something you're into as well. I'm definitely planning on picking up some more oils.

What's your experience with oil burners?

Ada xx