Friday, January 31, 2014

LIFESTYLE | Some Big Changes!

Hey lovely ladies. I really wanted to make a new blog post and make you all aware of some lifestyle changes I'm going to be coming into ASAP. I've always tried to keep a rather healthy lifestyle (eating my fruits and veggies when I can, buying Organic when I can financially, taking my vitamins and minerals when I remember, etc), especially since my mom is a Homeopath, but there has been one thing that has been holding me back, one thing I didn't actually realize until a few days ago: cosmetics. If you take your mascara, blush, foundation, whatever and flip it over to read the ingredients, you'll most likely get a headache and/or had to flip through a few pages whilst not being able to comprehend anything it says (Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, anyone?). Some websites don't even offer the ingredients because they know many people just don't care.

But I've made the conscious decision to get rid of all my makeup and start from scratch using only 100% natural cosmetics. It's obviously a pricey decision but it's something I'm 100% committed to. From face to hair to skin, I vow to only use the best possible ingredients.

A few weeks ago I read a fact that really helped open my eyes: women who regularly use lipstick or lipgloss are in greater risk of stomach cancer in the long run. Is that scary or what? I've never considered myself a risk taker, but my health is one thing I'm definitely not going to risk.

So stick around, I'll still be posting updates and hauls (how can I not?), but this time they'll be from cosmetic companies that many most likely haven't heard of. If you're also a health junkie, I'd love to hear your favourite websites!

Ada xx


  1. Wow that is an amazing thing. Good for you! If you're looking for health conscious brands, Red Apple Lipstick is amazing.

  2. Wow it is scary to think that lipstick can contribute to something so serious, you are right to make such a big lifestyle change Ada, I might try and do the same now x


    1. That would be wonderful! It is quite a change, but it ignited a passion I didn't know was there.

  3. a drastic change to toss out all your makeup ._.
    But yeah, a lot of lipsticks contain lead, and wtf??? It's crazy to think that there aren't better health standards imposed on something you wear daily??? (Kinda glad I don't wear lipstick, but crazy to think what else is lurking in other makeup)
    I'd love to see what natural makeup brands are out there! :)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Right?? Apparently YSL has the most amount of lead. I mean, they may seem ok now and the FDA lets it pass, but after using tubes and tubes of lipsticks and glosses for years, it will definitely take a toll on your health, ESPECIALLY since lipstick and glosses are mostly ingested. But I'm totally gonna blog about these new companies, see what's good and whatnot.

    2. Yeah, that's why I cringe a bit everytime I hear bloggers testing claims of how long lipsticks last, since they usually mention eating without wiping off their lipstick off.


  4. That's fantastic you've decided to make the switch to natural products! I made the swap gradually over the course of a few months to even out the cost, but that's great you're throwing everything out and starting over! Good luck with the switch! I write a blog focussing on natural cosmetics so if you ever have any questions about natural products etc. feel free to give me a shout :)

    Ria @