Saturday, January 4, 2014

HAUL | Christmas Shopping! JustFab, Sephora

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Normally Christmas time is usually a stressful and panic-induced time for me but luckily this year wasn't too bad. I was able to get these 2 gifts well in advance so I was pretty relieved with that.

The first is this gorgeous clutch/crossbody bag. This little gem went to my cousin (the same one that got the bh brush set). I've never got her a bag before and I know how handy then are! She has a lot of small crossbody bags and she goes out a lot, so I kinda wanted to find a nice medium for her and I think this bag is perfect. Black with gold hardware is universal and pretty much goes with any outfit. It's a larger fold-over clutch and the cut-out handle creates an ease to carry it, but I also made sure the bag had the long straps in case she did want to sling it over her shoulder for easier carrying. I'm happy to say she totally loved it!

The next item is an adorable, portable and super-handy little makeup set from Sephora by Sephora. It went to my brother's girlfriend. She's from South Korea and has a lot of Korean makeup but not a lot of North American makeup so I wanted to get her a little something that she could use. This set is Holiday and Limited Edition, so I thought it was perfect! It comes with 8 eyeshadows that are absolutely gorgeous and I thought would suit her eyes and complexion perfectly (Purple on brown eyes? Yeeessss please). It took me a while of fiddling, but I finally figured out that the bottom slides out and comes with 5 lipcolours and 1 blush. I just love this set and she loved it too! Because it's small, it easily fits in her handbag and the 2 brushes that come in it are super useful because she does a lot of her makeup on the go.

Out of all the gifts I bought this year, these 2 were the ones that fit most with my blog and that I wanted to share with you all!

What beauty/fashion-related items did you buy for your loved ones?

Ada xx

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