Thursday, July 25, 2013


After a pretty slow and boring shift at work, I was finally released only to find I had nothing to do for tonight! So, as I usually would, I decided to take the night off and relax a little. Tumblr, here I coooomeeee!!! But not without a giant mug of hot chocolate and a sleeping puppy. The beautiful mug is a gift from my uncle, who brought it back from his motherland Poland. And the puppy is from a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer mommy who's mommy is from Germany. And I am a nice Polish girl born and living in Canada, so we're got a nice range of countries to work with here.

I've recently been obsessing over a certain musician and band, ie. Phillip Phillips and Two Door Cinema Club. Can you say "playlist on repeat"? With the smoky, sultry voice of Phillip P. and the fun, enigmatic music of TDCC, I think I've got a nice playlist set up for indoor relaxation. The only thing I'm missing is a cute boy to cuddle with, but I'm starting to think that's too much to ask for at this point.

Ada xx


  1. so lovely when you realise you have a night in to yourself without having anything to do. think its one of the best feelings to get home and know you don't have to go out again so you whack on the comfy clothes and relax all evening! hope you enjoyed xx

    Katie-Louise | 

    1. I know! They're very rare, those days. Thanks so much! I definitely did c: