Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HAUL | Marc Anthony, The Body Shop, LaCoupe

Why yes, I do have a bit of an obsession with hauls. So, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not very good at recognizing cruelty-free hair brands as of right now, but it's definitely something I'm working on. And once again, not all of these products were purchased at one time.

I love deep conditioners, they're wonderful for dry, coarse hair and I use them about twice a week. Because I've nearly grown out my highlights, my hair has become the healthiest I remember it being and deep conditioners really help with that. I never, ever, ever put the conditioner in my roots though, because it makes my hair so oily. The one I purchased is new to me and is the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco with Argan Oil (purchased for around $7, priced at around $14). I have yet to try the product because I'm trying to finish up some older conditioners, but what drew me to it was that it's Sulfate-free, has Keratin and Argan Oil, which are really nourishing products. I'm seeing now that Marc Anthony does not animal test, so I'm really happy because I love their products and would love to continue using them!

As you all know, The Body Shop is my #1 favourite store and when I had purchased all of those inexpensive blushes, I still needed one more product for the half-off offer. I originally reached for a makeup remover, but then saw their hidden haircare section and remembered that I'm in need of a shampoo! Because my old shampoo really dried my scalp and caused a bit of flaking, the sales associate recommended the Ginger Scalp Care ($5 each). I really love this shampoo, especially the fact that it lathers really well and you don't need a lot (like my old one). Because they were out of the big bottle, she brought me 2 for $5 and I think they were both free with the deal.

The next products were bought a very long time ago. I was going to use them right after my flaky, non-foaming shampoo, but I had a lot more conditioner left than shampoo, so I had to buy The Body Shop shampoo to use with the old conditioner. I'm not sure the brand of the shampoo and conditioner, but I believe it's 365 Everyday Value ($7 each). I was in Whole Foods with my mom doing some grocery shopping and we went browsing and I spotted those two in the beauty section. They are all-natural, but I'm not sure whether they're organic or not. I got them in the smell Citrus Grapefruit, anything citrus-y being my favourite flavour and smell!

And finally, the last product I got was not something I needed, exactly, but I figured I would in the future. I was browsing the sale section at Shopper's and spotted the LaCoupe Frizz-Control Creme ($4, originally $8). At the moment, I use a lot of styling products in my hair, and I'm really trying to reduce the amount so that I don't wear too many chemicals. I have this creme just sitting around my beauty cupboard, waiting for the day I'll be ready to use it.

Ada xx

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