Thursday, September 5, 2013

HAUL | The Body Shop

It's been that time of every few months where my skincare products were running low and I was in deep need to replenish them. I'm obsessed with The Body Shop and whenever I go in there, I always want to sniff and play with everything. But with a little bit of self-control and press for time before work, I managed to go in and out in record time. Also, I called ahead for them to put some stuff away for me. Plus, they were having 50% skincare!

I wanted to try some new stuff and see how it worked with my skin. My skin is pretty sensitive and picky when it comes to products and I think I'm allergic to sunscreen because whenever I wear a product with SPF in it, it irritates my cheeks and brings out my dry spots. Luckily my skin remained calm and didn't throw a tantrum.

The first item I picked out is the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I was originally planning on using it as a general everyday moisturizer but I've decided to only use it as a night cream because if I wore it with a BB cream, it's be too much for my skin. Obviously I should have bought the Night cream but they're all the same in my opinion. The cream costs $16.50, I paid $8.25 with the sale.

The next item I got is the Vitamin E Face Mist. On the website, it says this mist should be used as a makeup setting spray or a 'pick me up' throughout the day, but I've bought it to use it as a toner. They do have a Vitamin E toner itself, but I find that I like the spray better because it wastes less product (if I were to use a toner with a cotton ball), and because it's a makeup setting spray, it helps work as a sort of primer. It costs $16.00, I paid $8.00.

The third item I picked up is the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream. I personally love this BB cream and find that it works so well on the skin! What I love most about it is that it rubs nicely into the skin and it comes in 1 shade. I know some people would be annoyed, but luckily this shade works really well with my skin and blends in. On the website it says this cream: hydrates to protect, evens tone, and give fresh looking skin. So far I have no complaints and plan on buying it again and again! It costs $18.00, I paid $9.00.

And lastly, I picked up the Warming Mineral Mask. This product is so interesting and I was definitely intrigued enough to pick it up. You're supposed to dampen your skin and then rub this mask into it, and it warms your face right up. It's a great product for the winter months! I'm not entirely sure how it works, whether it's activated by the water or rubbing motion (I'd assume both). It's a bit tricky though because the warmth only lasts a few seconds, so you kinda have to wet your face and then squeeze onto one hand and quickly rub it in. It's made with: ginger, cinnamon oil and kaolin clay, all excellent ingredients for skin. It costs $17.00, I paid $8.50.

Do you own any of these products? What do you think?

Ada xx


  1. You got a lot of great things! I haven't been to the Body Shop in ages, but I definitely need to go!

    1. I need to stop myself from going in there all the time. It's right beside my work, it's a curse I tell ya!