Friday, October 25, 2013

HAUL | The Body Shop

This post has been a long time coming, I swear. About.... a month ago I visited The Body Shop after a Sunday morning shift (when I still worked, of course). I remember this day clearly because there was a Ukranian festival going on and the entire street was blocked off for like... 6 blocks or more. I wanted to go read in a cafe after work so I had to fight through the crowd. I ended up reading for only 45 minutes because there was a crying baby behind me in the cafe and a loud band right outside so I just chose the worst day possible. As I fought my way back through the crowd, I stopped into TBS and had to use an immense amount of willpower not to buy everything.

I was lucky that day because I managed to get a few items for really great prices. The little container is their BB Cream in the newest pale colour 00. I had tried 01 and it was way too dark for me, so I was definitely excited to try their new colour. I can honestly say I like the Vitamin E BB cream so much more. The one cool thing about this new one is that it changes colour when rubbed into your skin (I'm not that pale). This one is very oily and the colour is still a tiny touch too tan for me, so it'd be good for my someone with dry skin that just came from vacation.

The other 3 items were bought in a bundle. They were all in the sale section and they were having some deal that you need to buy 3 items and you'll get one price for them. They were $3 each of something along the lines, an amazing deal for products that range from $8-$18. I bought the little flower brush for my makeup bag. I use this Physician's Formula pressed powder and it comes with one of those half-moon brushes (you know... the ones that come in all the Benefit blushes) and it really packs on the powder when I really want a soft look, so I decided to buy a separate brush instead.

Also, some good news: I have an interview at The Body Shop Sunday morning for a part-time seasonal position! Because we're moving I just need something temporary for the next two months so I can still make some money.

Ada xx


  1. Good luck with the interview - hope you get the job!

  2. Wow how pretty is that blusher brush?! I'm very tempted to get one.
    Also, hope you got the job!