Monday, June 24, 2013

HAUL | Forever 21

It's kinda weird but I always find that I order from Forever 21 whenever they have free shipping on their website. Plus, their shipping is super speedy so how can I not? They did have free shipping not too long ago so I went for it and ordered way more things than I needed, yay!

I don't know why but I kinda went with a black and gold theme this time. I guess it was my subconscious yelling at me to buy it. In total I spent $58.47 for everything (with tax). I ended up getting 2 nail polishes, 3 headbands, 2 bracelets and 3 earrings and I love every bit.

When I was younger, I used to wear headbands all the time but I guess I kinda fell out of that stage, but it's started grasping me back lately. I think they're all so lovely and delicate but very royal-looking. The super cluttered gold, black and pearl headband ($6.99) was definitely eye-catching and I thought would look really lovely with a loose updo. The second hairband I chose is the white crocheted one ($4.80), which looked just so delicate and beautiful. Plus, I'm a knitter, how can I not buy anything crocheted? And finally, the last headband is more certainly my favourite! The ruby chain headband ($4.99) is just stunning. It looks a bit like a tiara but it's strong and reminds me a lot of old, vintage outfits. I wore this one to work and everyone called me a princess, so I approve.

I'm a fiend for earrings and I usually always get a pair... or two.... or three, whenever I do some online shopping. I got pretty much 2 of the same earrings in 2 different styles, so that counts as one, right? Right?? Following the gold/black theme, I've also really been into geometric shapes and aztec-like prints and designs. These earrings are gold framed triangles ($4.80) with black pleather triangles, joined together to make a diamond and they're definitely my favourite. The second earrings are pretty, blue dangly earrings ($3.99) that are metallic and grow in size as they drop. And the last earrings ($3.99) are the same stone concept as the dangly, blue metallic, but are more chandelier-esque and with added pearls here and there.

I think it's safe to say that the two bracelets are my favourite, but the arrow one a tiny bit more. The thin, arrow bracelet ($6.80) quickly caught my attention and was in my cart before I could take a breath. It's just so beautiful and unique, and I love that it has 2 adjustable snaps on it so I can wear it tight on my wrist or loose after my watch. The only, only only problem I have with it is that the little arrows move around and sometimes they awkwardly overlap each other, but it's easy to move them back into place. The thicker, more rocker bracelet ($7.80) is definitely something I wouldn't pick out at first glance, but have grown to love. I don't really have a 'set style' for myself, some days I want to wear something a bit darker and more punk, other days I'm a beautiful flower princess. I suppose a punk outfit came to mind when I saw this bracelet.

And lastly, there's no way I can order from Forever 21 if nail polish ($3.80) is not involved. I have a bit of an obsession with their nail polishes, probably owning around 15 of them? Honestly, they're not the best, best quality but when I pound-on the top coat, they last just like any other nail polish. This time, I got the colours Mauve and Bronze, which I absolutely adore! Mauve is definitely one of my most favourite colours, and I just love how this colour looks on the nails. And when I saw Bronze, I literally gasped. I have yet to wear it on full-nails, but it just looks gorgeous on the ring finger with Mauve.

Overall, super duper pleased with my haul!

Ada xx

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